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Holiday Survival Guide

Happy Holidays! This time of year often brings feelings of glee, twinkling lights, bright cheery smiles and ugly red sweaters, but it can also be a busy and sometimes overwhelming time. The days are darker, gloomier, budgets can be tight, driving is more stressful, the list goes on. So with that I have some personal […]


Contented Christmas Home

Every home has its own traditions for the Christmas season.  Even those who do not intentionally celebrate the holiday can not help but be exposed to and influenced by it.  Christmas permeates our culture, and not just locally but globally.  In one form or another, it has been part of historical celebration since even before […]


Home Maintenance

The weather has turned and after a long sunny summer spent outdoors, I find myself indoors after a day’s work. It’s dark early and it’s dark late into the morning, and with shorter days come cooler temperatures and the fluffy white stuff that brings us back to the outside. It seems fall has all but […]


Prepping Your House For A Winter Sale

No question about it, getting a home to show well in the winter months in Southeast Alaska can be challenging.  Short, stormy days make it difficult to show the house in the daylight.  Wet walkways can make for muddy entryways.  The list goes on.  Whatever you do, don’t let the winter season discourage you.  Remember […]

schedule of events

Southeast Alaska Schedule of Events for December

If you’re traveling through Southeast Alaska this month, we invite you to join us for the many events held throughout the region. December 1st | Skagway Yuletide December 1st – 31st | Haines Lighting of the Fort & Annual Christmas Celebration December 2nd | Wrangell Annual Christmas Tree Lighting & Midnight Madness […]


Holiday Drink Specials Edition

As some of you may know I was a bartender, and bar manager for many a wild and zany shifts across Southeast Alaska. Holiday parties are by far the most fun of the Alaskan winter, whether it’s tailgating up at Eaglecrest or bar hopping after the company parties, it’s a joyous tradition. I remember my […]


Organic Cornbread Pudding (Non-GMO)

While few things make me happier than spending the holidays cooking with my family, few vegetables come to mind with less importance at the Plymouth thanksgiving than corn. Maize was ruler of the three sisters (beans, squash and corn) ruled North, Central and South Americas for many generations before the Pilgrims landed. Iroquois legend says […]


Safety First!

Welcome to November! This time of year I usually find myself writing about the holidays, parties, dinners and family time. The theme is usually upbeat and jolly. I am going to deviate from that a little bit so be forewarned. Almost 5 years ago our house was robbed and with the increase in criminal activity […]

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