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September 2016 Magazine

Letter from the Publisher, Details Matter, 2016 Alaska Association of REALTORS® Convention, Blank Walls be Gone, Southeast Alaska Schedule of Events, A Moveable House, Recipe: Pesto


Seasonal September

Hello September! I hope everyone enjoyed their summer and is ready for fall. I am excited for soup weather, fall decor, crafting, lots of things pumpkin and vacation planning. Yup, this time of year is usually when my brain starts dreaming about a vacation to extend my summer. September is also the final month that […]


Details Matter

The common phrase “the devil is in the detail” has the figurative meaning that there is something unexpected to be found in the detail of something.  This idiom is thought to have grown from the earlier “God is in the detail”.  The later saying is reported to have numerous origins, but is known to have […]


2016 Alaska Association of REALTORS® Convention

Welcome to Alaska’s Capital City! This year’s 2016 Annual REALTOR® Convention will be held in majestic Downtown Juneau! The 2016 Annual REALTOR® Convention is sponsored by the Alaska Association of REALTORS®. All of us in Southeast are proud to say it will be hosted by the Southeast Alaska Board of REALTORS®. So we want all […]


Simple ways to add Curb Appeal and Character to your home

(BPT) – Homes with great curb appeal not only make you the envy of every neighbor on your street and provide a great first impression for guests, but they also offer increased value and take less time to sell. There are many simple, quick and low-cost curb appeal improvements that you can tackle over the […]


Blank Walls be Gone

Some say I’m a minimalist, and for good reason. I grew up in a cluttered household where every nook and cranny was stuffed with collectible items, from old dolls, to plates, to unopened “collectible” Barbie dolls that my mom was hoping to sell one day. Then the market for these junky items that had once been […]

schedule of events

Southeast Alaska Schedule of Events for September

If you’re traveling through Southeast Alaska this month, we invite you to join us for the many events held throughout the region. September 1st – 5th | Sitka 40th Annual Mudball Classic September 2nd | Haines 22nd Annual Mardi Gras Party September 3rd | Haines Haines Farmer’s Market September 8th – 11th […]


A Moveable House

When buying a house, something that comes up often is ‘location, location, location’. Websites and professionals tell you to look at the houses around you, are you close to a school, where is the closest grocery store? It basically comes down to how many square miles your life will reasonably fill up in daily tasks […]


August 2016 Magazine

 Letter from the Publisher, Cleaning your Home or Keeping a Clean Home?, Get unhinged: 3 ways to create visually striking doors in your home, Improve your indoor air quality by checking your crawlspace, Southeast Alaska Schedule of Events, Trail Runners, Recipe: Fish Pie

Green and Blue Dish washing Brush isolated on white background

Cleaning your Home or Keeping a Clean Home?

My mother has always kept an impeccably clean and organized home.  I remember stories of how my mother’s friends would hesitate to come visit with their children in my parents BC (before children) years.  This was because, despite her invitations and willingness to host, they all felt like a tornado of disaster walking through her […]

schedule of events

Southeast Alaska Schedule of Events for August

If you’re traveling through Southeast Alaska this month, we invite you to join us for the many events held throughout the region. August 1st – August 16th | Petersburg Canned Salmon Classic August 1st – August 31st | Coffman Cove 8th Annual King Salmon Derby August 5th – August 7th | Ketchikan 41st […]


Trail Runners

I’m sure by now everyone has noticed the increased number of runners on the roads and trails. Hopefully it is kind of hard to NOT notice us at this point; it means our safety colors and reflectors are working. Just like when the Woolly Bear caterpillars emerge in the fall, most people take a moment to […]

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