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Letter from the Publisher: Remember November

I am so excited for this November! I am thrilled that I get to celebrate a number of holidays and traditions with our newborn daughter. Thinking back about last November, I reminisce about discovering I was pregnant and all the creative ways I hid it. Hiding a pregnancy is hard during the holidays; there are […]


Glamping, Cabin Style

Sometimes it’s hard to get excited about camping this time of year; it’s getting dark so early now, the fall storms aren’t exactly welcoming, and the amount of gear needed to camp in comfort is quite a bit more than the glorious summer months. But nevertheless, our local Forest Service is there to help facilitate […]

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Getting the Décor On Something for every household

As we make a move into a house or rental, new to us or newly constructed, it often comes with the challenge of how to make the living space our own. In Southeast Alaska, we have the option of acquiring and displaying artwork such as wall hangings, photographs, paintings, sculptures, and seasonal decorations that make the […]



Klondike. It seems like everybody’s writing about it these days, but there is a reason for that. If you don’t know what “Klondike” is it’s the Klondike International Road Relay, where teams of 10 runners (or less if you want to do it that way), race along the highway from Skagway, Alaska to Whitehorse, Yukon, […]

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Let Me Know How I Can help….

With all the changes in our lives and in the lives of people around us, I’ve been thinking about how hard it is to weather life alone. When I was eight months pregnant with our first daughter, my husband was in a mountain biking accident that put him in Harborview Medical Center for nearly a […]

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Southeast Alaska Schedule of Events for November

If you’re traveling through Southeast Alaska this month, we invite you to join us for the many events held throughout the region. November 5th – 8th | Sitka Sitka Whalefest November 7th | Coffman Cove Holiday Bazaar November 9th – 15th | Haines Bald Eagle Festival November 21st | Ketchikan Gobble Wobble […]

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Ready to paint? How to pick the right color

Sometimes it feels as if picking just the right shade of paint can be an elusive task. So many to choose from, where does one begin?  Some common question asked and answered. If you know you want to paint a room, but don’t have a clue about picking paint colors, where do you start? A […]

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Fall Harvest Recipes

Fall vegetable dishes are some of my favorites! Flavorful marinades, dressings and their simplicity just showcase the amazing growing season in all its glory. I love the harvest, the hunt and the sweet reward of sharing amazing meals with family and friends. I especially love dishes that people remember, from textures and colors and foods […]

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Letter from the Publisher: Happy October!

And it’s October. Day and night of the sideways rain cut in half by Alaska Day and finished with Halloween, and Halloween means the start of the holiday season! Now that we have a sweet baby girl at home, we are getting excited for all the holidays we get to relive through a child’s eyes. […]


Money Totally Bought Happiness

My heart is at home Amid the glaciers and peaks, I want for nothing. As we enter the holiday roller coaster of parties, desserts, dresses, and decorations, I am happy that we start our winter festivities with Alaska Day. I’m sure that many states – if not all – have a day to recognize the day […]

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