Woo-hoo, you and your partner are taking the next step in the game of life! You have purchased a home and now you have to live in it- together. It’s an exciting transition and also a terrifying one. If you’ve ever lived with someone, you know how hard it can be to make compromises regarding your space, especially its design style. After all, how do you kindly say, ‘those paintings by your sister are not welcome at our new place’?

The good news is, you don’t have to! With interior design help from DF Designs you and your partner can find new and refreshing pieces that inspire the both of you! These essentials are the key to creating the ultimate nest for two.

Proper throw pillows

When you move in together, you can expect a lot more cuddle time on the couch. Look for down filled or down alternative. Make couch time quality time with throw pillows that not only look amazing, but feel amazing, too! Find a variety of throw pillows and furniture at Southeast Furniture Warehouse.

Adult glassware

Look guys, beer glasses just don’t cut it as primary drinking glasses. Now is the time to buy a set (yes, a set) of drinking glasses — it’s just what adults do! And yes, at least a set of 6.  And with so many options to choose from, glasses are a super fun item to shop for. Check out Crate & Barrel, glasses as inexpensive as 95cents each,  or spend a little more for elegant artsy glasses from Annie Kaill’s.


Ready to test your teamwork and nurturing skills? You guys have each other’s backs now, and nobody’s gonna die on your watch! Add some greenery to your space with indoor plants. Take them up, up, and away with a hanging planter, or keep it grounded with beautiful pots. Don’t be afraid of alternative container for plants as well. Paint some yogurt containers, plant some seeds, place in your windowsill and watch then grow. Remember that low-maintenance cacti and succulents are considered plants, too!

Kitchen Essentials

Now that neither of you are alone, the ‘I can’t cook for just myself’ excuse no longer flies. Homemade meals give you and your partner a chance to spend some quality time preparing dishes, and it will help keep your daily expenses down. Splurge on the essentials, like a cutting board, a nice knife set and a big fry pan found at Gourmet Alaska.

A hamper fit for two

Moving into a space with your partner can be exciting and fun, but when joining cohabitation nation, you should know that your place isn’t going to be picture-perfect 100% of the time. The easiest and quickest way to clean up at home? Get those dirty clothes outta the way, and toss ’em into a large, industrial-size hamper. Check out Houzz for a wide variety of options and FREE shipping.

Alarm clock

Chances are you and your partner solely rely on your smartphones to give you the time. Believe it or not, alarm clocks are still relevant. Give yourself a break when you get home from a long day and hit that power button.

Bulletin board

The bulletin board is a great place to leave Post-It love notes or pin practical reminders like the weekly grocery or to-do list.  This can help in the first steps in learning to communicate and share.

Picture frames

You know your favorite pic of the two of you on Instagram? Print it out and pick a frame. Place it by your door so that each time you leave the house, you remember to celebrate your new home and your new life together.

A spacious desk

With papers and docs mixed together, it’s as important as ever to keep your paperwork in order. Add some organization to your life with a desk. Don’t be afraid of a used desk, check out the thrift store even. Look for one with a file cabinet to store important papers and keep your desk top clutter-free.

Live life by candlelight

Set the mood by scattering candles throughout your home, grab some inexpensive tea lights at Walmart. Create a relaxing ambiance for your partner to come home to. Stay away from scented candles as everyone has a different smell preference.

A finished, beautiful space with all the essentials is the perfect start to a long future together. Share your cohabitation adventures with us by tagging your photos www.facebook.com/reginadilaurofaydesigns.

Regina DiLauro-Fay has over 15 years of design experience. Her company, DF Designs, specializes in Interior Design, Home Staging & Color Consultanting. She can be reached at (843)906-9663 or reginadfdesigns@gmail.com.