JUNEAU–Fundraising professionals from 18 Alaska public broadcasting stations are working smarter, not harder to strengthen public service. Program and development directors met Sept. 15 -17 at the Dimond Center Hotel in Anchorage to learn how to provide an extraordinary level of customer service to members, underwriters and supporters of public broadcasting.  They represented public media stations throughout Alaska, ranging from tiny McGrath to Anchorage, and the seven CoastAlaska stations in Southeast Alaska.  

The conference provided the practical support and guidance sought by many stations, especially those from rural communities.

Marlene Schneider, of Market Enginuity of Bend, Oregon, inspired the group to use best practices to enhance fundraising efforts, concentrating on the unique attributes of public media.  Schneider presented effective prospecting plans and proposals, time management tips and ways to use radio and TV market research. Communications experts exchanged new ideas and viewpoints with public broadcasting veterans and novices. Alaska broadcast peers also provided a platform for more discussion, including how various stations work together in joint fundraising efforts.

 Cassandra Stalzer of the Rasmuson Foundation reviewed the growing success of the Pick. Click. Give. Initiative and encouraged public media stations to participate in developing local community foundations.

 Mollie Kabler, CoastAlaska Executive Director, says a statewide public media development conference has not been held before in Alaska.   “We are very pleased with the huge success of the conference,” Kabler said.  “At CoastAlaska we have learned that working through collaboration improves fundraising for everyone.  This event was a good place to talk about collaboration amongst public media stations across the state.  By working together we can share ideas and provide better service to Alaskans.”

For more information please visit:  www.coastalaska.org