March 20, 2017 – The official First Day of Spring, and it could not come quickly enough. Having been born in and grown up in Alaska, I have often taken pride in not being severely affected by the extended lack of daylight during the fall and winter.  However, the older I get, the harder it has become to get through each of these dark, cold seasons with the same level of vitality I used to.  This year, I am definitely ready for some brighter days.  Like many people, despite knowing better, I still neglected to do (or consistently do) the things I knew would offset some of the adverse impact of this time of year.  I have the medical education and experience to know how best to start correcting the imbalances I allowed to grow this winter.  What I’m finding, is many people do not have the tools or know how to re-shape their lives.  Listening to friends and patients talk about how once again New Year’s resolutions about improving their health and happiness have already fallen by the way has been common already.  They did (or attempted to do) whatever currently popular 30 day jump-start or New Year New You program, but that is done and their old patterns are back.  So now what?  Why were they unable to make lasting changes?  Or why did the program fail them if they didn’t get the results they wanted?  For many people, the answer is both simple and not so simple.  The simple answer is that they do not possess the foundational education to understand how their mind and body are designed to function in order to then be able to choose success.  Statistics show, that when people simply follow a template with no real understanding of how or why the program is supposed to work, they at some point simply stop following it or it stops working for them.  Likewise, many weight loss programs especially (despite their popularity) do not reflect current research, are not science based at all, or have not been proven to be both effective and healthy long term.  Some may actually lead to more harm over time making harder and harder to achieve the goal.

People are constantly contacting me to ask many of the same basic health and wellness questions.  To be honest, it has been overwhelming.  I simply do not have the time to respond to everyone individually.  So I came up with a solution.  For a limited time, I am hosting a 4 week educational forum designed to give you insight as to why successful change can be yours.  I’m also going to give you some of the key foundational practices you must have in the areas of nutrition, exercise, environment and more in order to be able to build the life you want – a life of health and happiness.  The best part is, right now it is yours for FREE.   I may not offer this again, and so I encourage you to share this opportunity with as many people as you know who are ready to participate in making positive health changes for themselves and then taking this information they learn to become ambassadors of health and happiness in their community.  Sharing what you are learning is key to your own success.  You’ve heard the saying, “See one, do one, teach one.”  Teach.  Share what works and it works even better for you.

The interactive part of the course will be hosted in a facebook group.  However, there is a lot that will also be offered through e-mail.  So if you want in, e-mail me at:

To join the Brighter Days facebook forum search for: Dr.Summer Beattie, ND: Brighter Days

See you at Brighter Days on March 20, 2017!

Dr. Summer Beattie,ND was born and grew up in Southeawst Alaska – it will always be home.  A 2004 graduate of Bastyr University, she served two terms on the board of directors for the Washington Association of Naturopathic Physicians, and has worked in a variety of primary and specialty care settings.  This has given her a broad wealth of experience that she now uses in a unique clinical practice with a focus on rejuvenative physical and aesthetic medicine. Dr. Beattie,ND offers comprehensive care as it relates to physical rehabilitation from a Naturopathic Orthopedic perspective. You can find her and on-line patient programs at