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Courtney Wendel has lived in Juneau since she was a year old, her parents being farmers from Iowa. She has a twin brother and an older brother, and learned to enjoy the outdoors at a young age by following the boys into mischief. Graduating from JDHS in 2006, she attended UAS to receive her Literature of the Environment, BA English degree in the spring of 2011. She is proud to call Juneau home, with her beloved cat and dog. When not at work for the Department of Transportation, she spends most of her time on the diverse trail system hiking, running, or camping with her spotted pooch and adventure buddies.


The Food Chain

I bought my condo out by the airport, so I was close to the EVAR trail and during our long dark cold nights I wouldn’t actually have to drive anywhere if I didn’t want to. I wanted to be within walking distance of a generally safe and well used trail that was an off leash […]


Alaska Problems

I think it’s fair to say that there is some amount of wild game in a majority of Alaskans’ freezers. Now, I won’t go so far as to say that most Alaskans have a freezer JUST for wild game, but I know several people who do (myself included). Part of living in such a beautiful […]


I’m sorry

I’m sorry mom that I didn’t really understand so many things growing up. I vividly remember when I was a child, my room a disaster of toys and blankets, a giant chalk board for drawing, stuffed animals strewn about, and lord knows what else haphazardly in piles. I remember my room was supposed to be […]


She’s a Witch!

So back in the day I was married to a commercial fisherman. We were together for 8 years, and going on divorced for 4. Andy has a key to my house, I let him borrow my truck when he’s in town but I’m out of town, and we work so that he can see Kiska […]


Just Take My Money!

I could have baked a baby in the number of months that I looked at the hole in my bathroom ceiling. Nine. Long. Months. Not gonna lie, I bought a condo to have an introduction to home ownership: ownership-light. So I was a little butt hurt when I had some house maintenance problems a year […]


Auspicious Start

As January and February have passed with flurries of snow and days that conversely felt like spring, my 100s list is slowly getting more check marks. Not all of them are exciting, some are actually pretty lame and rather mundane, but regardless they are things that I need to get done. So, as we flip […]


Working Around the Unexpected

No Life, I don’t feel like making a lemon meringue pie, take back your lemons. Sometimes I think Life is like an exuberant lab who bulldozes past you into the house the moment you open the door trying to squeeze juuuuusst your arm in to grab the towel, tracking mud from her adventure on the […]


A Moveable House

When buying a house, something that comes up often is ‘location, location, location’. Websites and professionals tell you to look at the houses around you, are you close to a school, where is the closest grocery store? It basically comes down to how many square miles your life will reasonably fill up in daily tasks […]


Trail Runners

I’m sure by now everyone has noticed the increased number of runners on the roads and trails. Hopefully it is kind of hard to NOT notice us at this point; it means our safety colors and reflectors are working. Just like when the Woolly Bear caterpillars emerge in the fall, most people take a moment to […]


I Bought my Dog and Cat a Condo

If you have read my articles with any regularity, you have probably noticed my spotted pooch in almost every article. (Not that I’m a crazy dog lady, but you know, I have my priorities.) I have also talked about how hard it is to rent with animals in this town. Nothing against landlords that don’t […]


Douglas Dog Park

The one thing that many pet parents can all lament is the critical lack in pet friendly housing. I get it. I know some amazing pet parents, but I also have met some pet parents that leave something – or a lot – to be desired. The same people who never clean up after their […]


Auke Bay Fleet

Just as living out North Douglas can be ‘so far away’, so is the Auke Bay area for people who live downtown. But let me tell you, the original people who settled here had it right! Auke Bay gets less rain than downtown does, they tend to have more sun, and generally better weather. We […]

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