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FUNCTIONAL ART – Making a House Your Home –

By Peter Metcalfe  |  Photos by Jenn Lawlor Wood. Locally harvested wood. Crafted with such skill as to make the most utilitarian of objects — spoons, bowls, and tables — into works of art that can add a lived-in feeling to a new home. If you wish to add such elements of style and warmth to […]


Customized Furnishings When you want something for you

Nothing quite completes a house like custom-designed furnishings — a dining room table made from an amazing slab of wood, kitchen cabinets designed to your specifications, or a unique set of corner shelving no furniture store offers. Such choices will be on prominent display in the main lobby and the Hickel Room of Centennial Hall […]

Magpie platter 105_1

Getting the Décor On Something for every household

As we make a move into a house or rental, new to us or newly constructed, it often comes with the challenge of how to make the living space our own. In Southeast Alaska, we have the option of acquiring and displaying artwork such as wall hangings, photographs, paintings, sculptures, and seasonal decorations that make the […]

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