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Patriotic Currant Cake

Currants are rich in antioxidants, manganese, potassium, dietary fiber and vitamin C.  I love them in jellies and jams, I’m known for going to great lengths to get currants, (and other berries) Warren Cove, on Warren Island on the Central Southeast Coast has some amazing wild currant bushes and I still have one coveted jar […]


Zucchini lasagna Boats

Boating season is in full swing and for some reason I always equate summertime to lasagna, maybe it’s because I spend so much time in the summer at the ball field that an awesome light summer vegetable filled casserole dish that creates hearty leftovers is exactly what my family needs. I also love squash, from […]


GMO March Madness

I wanted to share with you all a new book that came out a few weeks ago; GMO Free Child by April Scott, “the Clean Food Advocate.” It’s a parent’s guide to dietary clean-up of genetically modified organisms. I mention this book not only because a friend wrote it, but I’m also in it, and […]


Holiday Drink Specials Edition

As some of you may know I was a bartender, and bar manager for many a wild and zany shifts across Southeast Alaska. Holiday parties are by far the most fun of the Alaskan winter, whether it’s tailgating up at Eaglecrest or bar hopping after the company parties, it’s a joyous tradition. I remember my […]


Organic Cornbread Pudding (Non-GMO)

While few things make me happier than spending the holidays cooking with my family, few vegetables come to mind with less importance at the Plymouth thanksgiving than corn. Maize was ruler of the three sisters (beans, squash and corn) ruled North, Central and South Americas for many generations before the Pilgrims landed. Iroquois legend says […]


Coriander-Crusted Venison Steak with Miso Butter Sauce

Fall Rituals It’s that time of year, the leaves have changed, the salmon runs have died off and a faint view of termination dust in the mountains starts driving the deer closer to the beach in search of last meals before winter sets in. It’s hunting season again in Southeast! Having grown up in logging […]

Frittata with salmon and herbs. Italian style omelets. Top view.

Recipe: Fish Pie

I thought it is an important time to recognize our British explorers, and it’s a great time to talk about fish pies. Not traditionally known for their great cuisine, but coming up in ranks of style and taste. Southeast Alaska shares a lot in common with the same latitude, cool marine climate and forest biome. […]


Jamaican Jerk BBQ Chicken

The epitome of summer is barbecue foods, comfort foods best enjoyed in sunshine, with friends and family.  Nothing makes me think of Father’s day or summer fishing and camping trips more than camp foods.  I took an amazing trip to Jamaica years ago and fell in love with jerked foods.   What specifically is “jerk” […]

Homemade banana bread sliced on a table . rustic style

Banana Bread

Origins of Banana & Bread: Theophrastus (a Greek naturalist philosopher) around the 4th century B.C., in what is probably the first scientific book on botany, describes the banana plant. We know that the Greeks made bread with honey, spices and fruits around the time of Pliny (23-79 A.D.), and we also know that Pliny had […]

vietnamese pho with spicy sriracha sauce shot top down

Recipe: Pho Ga

Spring always feels like an amazing bowl of Pho, or pronounced “fuh” is the national dish of Vietnam and has become a great comfort food in our house just like it’s homeland, I’ve even made a rice based Pho when I was trying to do something with leftover rice.  Pho can be as different as […]

Minced Beef Pork Mutton Burgers On The Hot BBQ Grill

Lamb Burgers

I have been fascinated by foods of the Middle East lately, maybe it’s too many stories in the news of immigrants fleeing their homeland amid the devastating wars taking place, and I think of having to break into the Gates/Rothschild Seed Vault in Norway for the first time to retrieve lost Syrian seeds. With millions […]

Chocolate truffle

Sweet Treats for your Valentines

Show your love and compassion this valentines, no not pesticide filled roses or a box of yellow aged chocolates possibly in the shape of a heart.  Make something with your hands that will actually improve your love’s heart health. Continuing with healthy options this new year, avoid processed sugar, avoid chemical sugar free items, avoid things […]

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