You may rest against your headboard, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a snooze. There are many affordable, stylish ways to update an existing headboard or build a new one. To update a child’s headboard, paint it a bright cheery color or spray it with glitter paint. You can also glue cool objects around the edges like faux jewels or Legos.  Decoupage is another unique way to customize a headboard.  All of these projects are easy and fun, so encourage your child to participate and let their creative artistry run wild.

If your child is a fan or enjoys playing sports, headboards can be built from gear that has been outgrown or damaged.  You can also shop garage sales or thrift stores for inexpensive equipment. Hockey sticks, skis, snowboards, tennis rackets and baseball bats can all be fashioned into headboards.  Simply affix them to a headboard you already have or attach them to the wall in linear or fan pattern.

Looking to update your master bedroom headboard?  A fresh coat of paint is an easy fix or you can make a cover that slips over the headboard, which can be easily removed for cleaning.

Salvaged architectural materials make beautiful headboards. Hang paneled or French doors, wood shutters, arched windows or a fireplace mantel behind your bed for vintage-inspired elegance.

A large painting, map or photograph can also serve as a headboard.  Just make sure that the artwork is hung high enough that it won’t be leaned on and damaged.  To illuminate and highlight the artwork, mount a battery-powered picture light above the painting or photograph.

DIY upholstered headboards are easily made with five materials:  plywood or MDF, fabric, batting, glue and a staple gun.  Many tutorials can be found on Pinterest to help you with the process.  Additional details like button tufting and nail heads will add a luxurious touch to the headboard.

Wallpaper remnants can also be used to make a colorful, patterned headboard.  Apply the paper to the wall and use crown molding around the border to frame the print.

With a little imagination and elbow grease, you can refurbish a tired headboard (I promise that’s the last pun!) or build a new one that reflects your style and personality.

Randi Wilson is a Certified Interior Decorator and owner of Wilson Interiors, LLC.  She can be reached by phone at (707) 616-4687, or by email at  Photos of her projects can be viewed at