Photos by Anna Hoke of Southeast Living Magazine  |   Article by Ebett Siddon of the Juneau Skating Club

The Juneau Skating Club held its 7th annual Basic Skills and Free Skate Competition on Sunday, February 19th.  A total of 28 skaters participated in 11 events. The Basic Skills events were element-based, with skaters performing individual moves for the judges.  The Free Skate events included a series of mandatory technical elements choreographed to music, with each skater also earning an artistic score that contributed to the overall score. Skaters in Free Skate levels also participated in an interpretive event in which skaters listened to a new piece of music and choreographed their own routine. The skaters heard the music twice while on the ice and then performed their routines. Skaters were judged on their artistic interpretation of the music and their ability to link moves to the music.

Results from the Basic Skills and Free Skate events are shown below:

Basic Skills 3

1st place – Dominique Morley  |  2nd place – Mackenzie Gray  |  3rd place – Zoey Billings  |  4th place – Angelica Rodriquez

Basic Skills 4

1st place – Devin Moorehead  |  2nd place – Willow Bradley  |  3rd place – Madison Thorne  |  4th place – Tessa Murphy

Basic Skills 5

1st place – Amina Armstrong  |  2nd place – Megan Renkes  |  3rd place – Sadie Murphy

Basic Skills 6

1st place – Shay Purvis

Basic Skills 7

1st place – Shelby Hydock

Basic Skills 8

1st place – Molly York

Free Skate 1

1st place – Olivia Gardner  |  2nd place – Grace Walli  |  3rd place – Madeline Quealey  |  4th place – Gabriella Sloan  |  5th place – Kara Hort

Free Skate 2

1st place – Ashleigh Versaw  |  2nd place – Kamy Hamrick  |  3rd place – Sabrina Jones  |  4th place – Ema Jessen  |  5th place – Katherine Fritsch

Free Skate 3

1st place – Skylar Cooney  |  2nd place – Josephine Zuelow  |  3rd place – Meredith Fritsch  |  4th place – Emily Bowman

Interpretive Event – Group A

1st place – Ema Jessen  |  2nd place – Skylar Cooney  |  3rd place – Ashleigh Versaw  | 4th place – Emily Bowman  |  5th place – Gabriella Sloan  |  6th place – Katherine Fritsch  |  7th place – Grace Walli

Interpretive Event – Group B

1st place – Josephine Zuelow  |  2nd place – Kamy Hamrick  |  3rd place – Meredith Fritsch  |  4th place – Madeline Quealey  |  5th place – Sabrina Jones  |  6th place – Kara Hort