And it’s October. Day and night of the sideways rain cut in half by Alaska Day and finished with Halloween, and Halloween means the start of the holiday season! Now that we have a sweet baby girl at home, we are getting excited for all the holidays we get to relive through a child’s eyes. Yes, we know she may be too little at the moment to actually participate and remember but that won’t stop us from pretending and living vicariously through her until she’s old enough. I’m so excited for homemade Halloween costumes and trick or treating in the pouring rain or snow, a little onesie that says “momma’s little turkey” for Thanksgiving, and of course presents and Santa Claus at Christmas.  My favorite thing about Halloween while growing up is that it was the holiday that never seemed to end. Typically there was the initial excitement of picking out a Halloween costume or having one homemade and then wearing it around the house, to the store, and to bed for days before the actual holiday. I’m sure many a night in October a spiderman or a princess brushes their teeth and is put to bed, because it’s a school night. Then finally, the day you get to dress up in your costume and wear it to school usually paired with a class Halloween party. It was so much fun to make believe and see all the costumes other classmates came up with. Following that would be the school Halloween festival with games like bobbing for apples, trick or treating from classroom to room and then the terrifying haunted house manned by staff members and volunteer parents. Finally the grand finale, trick or treating on Halloween with the family. Since I’m an “out the road” kid, we trick or treated around Lena Loop and usually came out pretty darn good! Not only that, we lived up a huge, steep, scary hill that no one would ever think to come up, and my parents would buy way too much candy on the off chance that a heard of a hundred kids would trick or treat up our stealthy driveway (we never got a single trick or treater by the way) so, double score! Candy for everyone, for months!  Whether it was the costumes or the candy as the main objective of Halloween, it sure brought excitement and joy to my life every year.  I hope you liked reading as much as I liked reminiscing!  Tell me your favorite holiday memory! Submit it to and get it published!

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