Joe Orsi in his garden.  |  By Stephanie Alexander

Joe Orsi in his garden. | By Stephanie Alexander

Orsi Organic Produce is located north of Auke Bay near Juneau, Alaska and is grown and harvested by a local Juneau Family. The locally grown garlic, rhubarb, swiss chard, kale and limited quantity of raspberry jam is a small “backyard” scale for market using sustainable organic practices and soil amendments. No chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides are used, and no genetically modified crops are grown.  

For over 30 years, grower and Master Gardener Joe Orsi has experimented with crops from apples to zucchinis in  Southeast Alaska.  This experimentation has included crop variety trials and the testing of different growing techniques, such as the use of plastic mulches, fleece row covers, cover crops, and foliar seaweed/fish sprays. By using these techniques, and selecting superior varieties, many crops have been successfully grown and sold at monthly Farmers Markets and annual Food Festivals which have sprouted up around Juneau since 2008.

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