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Letter from the Publisher: What to do…

Welcome to September! I cannot believe we are at the tail end of summer and beginning of fall. As I try to enjoy the last few days of summer I can’t help but notice the leaves turning and the sky mourning the end of the season.  As the weather starts to turn, I start making […]


Scheduling Selfishness for a Successful School Year

It is expected that Southeast Alaska will get a short summer compared to its’ closest neighboring states in the contingent US.  This year however, it seems summer never really showed up at all and it’s already over!  I was in Juneau for an always too brief visit, so while the weather didn’t bother me (I […]

schedule of events

Southeast Alaska Schedule of Events for September

If you’re traveling through Southeast Alaska this month, we invite you to join us for the many events held throughout the region. September 1st – September 4th | Sitka Annual Mudball Classic September 7th – 10th | Petersburg Rainforest Festival September 8th – 9th | Skagway Klondike Road Relay September 10th | […]


I’m sorry

I’m sorry mom that I didn’t really understand so many things growing up. I vividly remember when I was a child, my room a disaster of toys and blankets, a giant chalk board for drawing, stuffed animals strewn about, and lord knows what else haphazardly in piles. I remember my room was supposed to be […]


Recipe: Ceviche

Oh Ceviche, let me declare my affections for you. Sweet fresh flesh of the sea marinated in heavy citrus and sass, I could eat you at least five days a week! Having at least 2,000 years of culinary archeological history under it’s belt and having a request from my dear Claire, I thought it was […]


Welcome to August

Welcome to August, month of the Golden North Salmon Derby and the beginning of the end of summer. August is one of my favorite months for fish, picks (berry picking), and hikes. I’m typically not one for sport hunting or competitive fishing but I’ll admit it, I love fishing in the salmon derby. Every year […]


Audible: The Home Remedy for the Whole Family

In my on-line facebook group, Brighter Days, I had posted a link to the April 2012 TEDTalk by Robert Gupta, entitled “Between Music and Medicine”.  I shared with the group that this video was profound for me.  He talks about that elegant integration of two things that I love – Music & Medicine. This past […]

schedule of events

Southeast Alaska Schedule of Events for August

If you’re traveling through Southeast Alaska this month, we invite you to join us for the many events held throughout the region. August 1st – August 4th | Sitka Sitka Arts & Science Festival August 1st-August 31st | Coffman Cove Annual King Salmon Derby August 4th – August 6th | Ketchikan Annual Blueberry […]


5 ways to create big luxury in a small master bathroom

(BPT) – If you’re thinking about remodeling your small bathroom, you may know that studies show updating a bathroom of any size can increase the value of a home. However, there’s a statistic from a Houzz survey you might not know: 75 percent of people who renovate a master bathroom don’t make it bigger. Enlarging […]


Recipe: Huckleberry Coffee Cake

Vaccinium Alaskaense or Alaskan Huckleberry are prolific from Crater Lake National park in Southern Oregon to all of Southeast Alaska and well into the Yukon. Harvesting from spring (for flower harvest) to September with August being my favorite month to fill up my baskets. We have the following sub species: V. ugliginosum, V. caespitosum, V. […]

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