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Signs of Spring

Hello May! It’s finally that time where we are spending more of our time outdoors. There are a couple signs of spring in our household that I’m sure are common in yours too, so please take a moment to relish or grovel with me. Window Cleaning: by the time spring rolls around, our house windows […]



Spring has finally arrived and in Alaska that means not just warmer days, but longer more light filled days! Yeah! I am a huge fan of more sunshine! It’s easy to take the rising of the sun and its presence in our daily lives for granted because most of us have never experienced anything other […]

schedule of events

Southeast Alaska Schedule of Events for May

May 1st – May 31st | Ketchikan 2017 Alaska Hummingbird Festival May 5th | Ketchikan Celebration of the Sea May 5th | Sitka Ocean Wave Quilters Guild Annual Quilt Show May 5th – 20th | Juneau Juneau Jazz & Classics Festival May 6th | Juneau Juneau Maritime Festival May 13th […]


Just Take My Money!

I could have baked a baby in the number of months that I looked at the hole in my bathroom ceiling. Nine. Long. Months. Not gonna lie, I bought a condo to have an introduction to home ownership: ownership-light. So I was a little butt hurt when I had some house maintenance problems a year […]


The smart advice that makes clean eating an attainable lifestyle choice

(BPT) – Healthy eating trends come and go. Sometimes the fads are extreme, over-the-top and hard to maintain, but others offer simple, attainable changes that make them well worth incorporating into your lifestyle. Clean eating, actively seeking out foods that are minimally processed with simple, natural ingredients, is a relatively recent food trend that’s well […]


Recipe: Salmon

Ode to Spring Salmon Rich in the long chain Omega-3 Fatty Acids, unlike most other fats, omega-3 fats are considered “essential”, meaning you must get them from your diet since your body cannot produce them alone. Omega 3’s are an integral part of the cellular structure and affect the function of cell receptors in membranes. […]

Young seedlings with plant markers

Pet Plants

Eek, spring is finally here! Or is it. After our enormous amount of snow mid-March, I’m really hoping that’s the end of it. I am ready to get into the full landscaping swing of things! We’ve got some starters sprouting indoors and are planning on planting bulbs and other things outdoors as soon as the […]


Play in the Home

You saw in last month’s edition that I launched an offering for a free 4-week educational forum in which I am sharing some key foundations I believe my patients need to have in the areas of mindset, nutrition, movement and environment in order to create a life of health and happiness.  Working on that project […]

schedule of events

Southeast Alaska Schedule of Events for April

If you’re traveling through Southeast Alaska this month, we invite you to join us for the many events held throughout the region. April 1st | Juneau Glacier 10K April 1st – 2nd | Wrangell Tent City Days April 1st – May 31st | Ketchikan 2017 Alaska Hummingbird Festival April 3rd – April […]


Iditarod 2017

Juneau is sometimes referred to as the tropics of Alaska; we don’t get the extreme negative temperatures that the interior and the north get, we don’t tend to get as much snow (except for that winter in 2007 where Eaglecrest had a deeper snowpack than anywhere else in the world *), and we don’t have […]

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