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Mold and Moisture in your Home

Mold is part of our naturally occurring environment and mold spores are present in the air all around us.The temperate rainforest of Southeast Alaska is the perfect environment for mold growth. A mold spore needs only water, the correct temperature, and a food source to multiply. In Southeast Alaska we have the water and moisture […]

Home for the Holidays

There is a belief that springtime is the best time to purchase a home, but, as you know, there are always exceptions to the rules. In my opinion, there’s no time like the present to purchase a home. Why do I say that? Typically housing activity slows down during December through February and this is […]

Set your Home Apart with Custom Trim and Mouldings

By Greg Stopher | Stopher Construction A lot of detail and attention goes into the flooring we walk on as well as the doors, windows, and cabinets we put in our homes. So why are so many trim details left out of homes? Why not add some style to your home with some custom trim, built-ins, paneled […]

Home-Appropriate Gifts at the Public Market

By Peter Metcalfe The Alaska-Juneau Public Market may be the biggest Christmas retail event in Southeast, but the goods offered go well beyond typical Christmas gifts. Many of the vendors are selling one-of-a-kind items that make practical additions to homes, such as wooden bowls and vases; and decorative additions such as stained-glass windows, pottery for […]

How To Seal Your Crawlspace

An unsealed crawlspace in your home can lead to unhealthy air quality By Greg Stopher | Stopher Construction If the crawlspace is unseen why worry about it? Crawlspace moisture and air conditions can and certainly will affect a home. As cold moist air moves toward the warm air of the home, moisture in vapor form can […]

Running the Klondike

The 2011 Klondike Road Relay commenced on the evening of September 9 in Skagway, Alaska. Runners followed the trail of the Gold Rush Stampeders over the famous White Pass, through British Columbia and finished on Saturday, September 10 in Whitehorse along the banks of the Yukon River. (more…)

Alaska Public Media Development Conference

JUNEAU–Fundraising professionals from 18 Alaska public broadcasting stations are working smarter, not harder to strengthen public service. Program and development directors met Sept. 15 -17 at the Dimond Center Hotel in Anchorage to learn how to provide an extraordinary level of customer service to members, underwriters and supporters of public broadcasting.  They represented public media stations […]

Economist: Homeownership Tax Benefits Must Be Preserved

Southeast Living The chief economist of the nation’s largest trade association is warning that any changes to the mortgage interest deduction now or in the future could threaten recent progress toward stabilizing the housing market, critically erode home prices and values, destroy middle-class wealth accumulation and hurt economic growth. (more…)

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