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May 2011

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Rent Vs. Buy

By Bethany Woods, licensed Mortgage Consultant for Residential Mortgage, LLC (AK#279796 / AK#167729) Which One is Right for You? “Should I rent or buy a home?” As a licensed mortgage consultant, this is a question I hear often. Making this decision comes down to reviewing and comparing the housing market versus the rental market (as analysts […]

Q&A: Realtor Representation Featuring Marty McKeown

Southeast Living Staff Thinking of buying or selling a home all by yourself? Perhaps you don’t think you need assistance, or maybe you’re unsure of what it is exactly that a Realtor does. After all, you’re capable of looking at homes, right? If only it were that simple. Marty McKeown, owner and broker of RE/MAX […]

Affordable Housing, Part II

By Charles L. Westmoreland Cost & Effect: Developing in Juneau Editor’s note: This is the second in a three-part series. The first part focused on a study conducted by the Juneau Economic Development Council on affordable housing in Juneau. Part two gives the perspective of what Realtors and developers have seen, and what they believe […]

April 2011

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March 2011

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Feeling Like Your Credit is in Disrepair?

Feeling Like Your Credit is in Disrepair? Here are 5 Quick Fixes to Improve Your Score By Vickie Perry As a state and federally-licensed mortgage consultant, I am often asked, “Why should I be concerned about my credit?” When it comes to home loans, the simple answer would be that higher credit scores generally result […]

Report details need for more housing in Juneau

Getting a finger on the pulse of Juneau’s housing market is a numbers game. For the last year and a half Scott Ciambor has been crunching those numbers in order to better understand the city’s housing needs. On the surface some of the data Ciambor collected as the Juneau Economic Development Council’s housing coordinator has […]

Refinancing 101: Know when, why and how

When is the right time to refinance your home? This is perhaps the most common question asked of mortgage lenders. Though individual situations vary from one homeowner to the next, the answer to this question is simple considering we live in a time where mortgage rates have dropped to all-time lows. In short, there’s no […]

Ten most important things when getting ready to list your home…

  By Debbie White  When selling your home, the quicker the better. But before putting your house on the market there are a few simple things you can do to ensure it makes a positive first impression when potential buyers come looking. These 10 tips won’t take you much time or cost much money but they […]

Q&A Paperwork Preparation

Q&A: Paperwork Preparation So, you’ve found the right home for your family and now it’s time to secure financing. Depending on the type of loan you apply for, the financial documents and other information required by lenders can vary greatly. Your home financing process can be sped up, however, but first you must know what potential lenders will expect of you, and how your […]

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