I’ve been driving around Juneau quite a bit these past few months looking for a bit of inspiration for a paint color for my front door. What I’ve noticed is there must be many people in the same boat as me as far as door color goes. They can’t decide, so they just don’t paint their door. Well I’m determined to paint mine this summer and I need to decide on a color. Before I know it, the first group of sunny days will be here and I’ll have to deliver on my commitment. I’d like to inspire other Juneauites to do the same.

There are a few things to consider when selecting a front door paint. The color of your siding and trim. My siding is a dark green and my trim is black. I feel these colors limit my selections somewhat but not entirely. There are so many great colors that can complement this color scheme. Make sure you get the right sheen of paint for durability and finish. You can drop by the local paint store for ideas here. Get samples and paint them on a piece of wood and set them by your front door and live with them a while.

My husband says the front door needs paint because that white finish that comes from the factory isn’t meant to be a permanent finish, especially with steel doors. After living in our house for the past year and a half, I can see that it’s true as the white doesn’t have the protection and finish that a paint would have as it has started rubbing off completely in spots. It’s merely a primer.

Another thing to consider when choosing a front door color is whether or not you are going to paint the trim around the door the same color as the door. I’ve seen it work well both ways. Normally I would like the trim painted a different color but my door enters from the side so for me it might make more sense to paint the door and trim the same hue. Which may allow the color to be seen from the curb.

If you still can’t find a color that’s right, try Pinterest and Houzz. I have a board where I only pin front doors that I like. I know, it’s a bit over the top but it lets me focus on that problem alone and let’s me see how colors I didn’t think would go together really do work.

And while we’re on the subject, I’m also one of those people who’s never painted their garage door. I’m not of the belief that the front door needs to match the garage door but both likely need paint to protect them. And sometimes it makes complete sense for the two to match, I think that just depends on the house and your personal taste.

I’ll be driving around town this spring looking for other Juneauites who’ve decided to paint their front doors. After all, living in the rainforest of Southeast Alaska, who doesn’t need a little more color in their lives?

Susan Stopher currently serves as office manager for Stopher Construction, LLC. She’s an avid traveler, adventurer and lover of art and design. She enjoys running and outdoor activities with her husband and two kids in Southeast Alaska and beyond. She enjoys cooking, canning and the great outdoors!