By: Randi Wilson  In the art of decorating walls (part one), I focused on inexpensive do-it-yourself artwork and how to create displays that express your personal interests and style.  Many people believe the only other affordable option for decorating their walls is to purchase mass produced prints from big box stores. This is a great option if you’re looking to decorate your home with contemporary classics from the masters.  But, is there another option for those looking to start and invest in a collection of unique works?  Absolutely!  Don’t allow a tight budget to close the door on buying artwork. The second installment of my article will highlight resources for purchasing “real art” at great prices.  

Juneau is home to an impressively diverse art community.  You can support local UAS students by attending art exhibitions and sales.  The senior art show, held in early May, and Juried Student Exhibitions, sponsored by the Juneau Arts and Humanity Council (JAHC), provide terrific opportunities to meet and invest in up-and-coming artists.  Their works are less expensive than established artists and the sales give young artists the confidence and much-needed capital to continue building their skills.  Works from independent artists across the country can be purchased online at This website encourages everyone to collect original artwork by offering limited edition prints for as low as $20.

Original art is everywhere.  A weekly event, Food Truck Fridays, introduced last year as a combination of the Sunday Market and Summer Concert series, features local arts and crafts.  Street and craft fairs, church bazaars and farmers markets offer additional opportunities to browse and purchase unique artwork.  If you don’t mind rummaging through boxes or sifting through piles, thrift stores, garage sales and consignment shops offer great bargains and the thrill of finding a hidden gem.  Don’t be deterred by dated or damaged frames.  A new mat and modern frame can turn an ugly duckling into a swan.

Keep these tips in mind and you will find an abundance of opportunities to support budding artists and build a collection of affordable artwork that reflects your personal style.

 Randi Wilson is a Certified Interior Decorator and owner of Wilson Interiors, LLC.  She can be reached by phone at (707) 616-4687, or by email at  Photos of her projects can be viewed at